Hello LEEDUsers,

Could you kindly confirm that my understanding of the LEED certification process/duration is correct:

  1. registration does not have an expiration date except the sunset dates set here LEED Certification Deadlines | U.S. Green Building Council (usgbc.org)
  2. the actual certification fee/process can be started at any time after registration, however the process needs to be completed within 2 years after end of construction (start of occupancy) - for example, certification can start 10 years after having paid the registration fee if construction hasn't started yet
  3. if one were to choose the split review process, there is no maximum timeframe between submitting the design phase credits and the construction phase credits (expect the 2 year after end of construction limit)
  4. precertification can be started at any point after registration, but expires after 3 years from obtaining the precertified status
  5. certification can be started within or after the precertification time period

Finally, what happens if after registration and7or pre-certification the client decides not to pursue certification or decides to change the project boundaries?

Thanks so much in advance for your help.