I am working with a convention center that is currently Silver certified under the v2009 EBOM rating system. 

This facility has a very high event turnover and consequently uses energy consistently due to the high level of activity and it's EUI is penalizing due to the fact that it is a small facility (not a large convention center). For this reason, despite being an efficient facility, during the certification process out of the 18 points available for credit EAc1 we were only able to get 1 credit. Even the prereq ECp2 was in danger of not being met. 

As none of the options for calculating performance are suitable to improve this situation, we are trying to see if Case 2 Option 2C, which includes use of historical data and comparable building, can support our case that more points should be awarded based on the actual energy performance of the building. We contacted several convention centers to try and obtain comparable energy data but we have not been too lucky.

Does anyone have any advice on where to get this information (e.g., databases) or on another approach to take to be able to get more recognition for this facility? It seems like an issue in LEED that needs to be worked out. A large convention center with lower level of activity may get lots of points in credit EAc1 because of the large square footage and fewer events.