There is a point of contention within my office that I'm hoping can be cleared up by posting here. When considering the "1- and 2-year 24-hour design storms", is it possible to meet the quantity control (volume) requirement by providing extended detention beyond the 24-hour period?

In other words, I can model a pre-development and post-development run-off volume using the SCS method. Lets say I'm able to attenuate the peak post-development flow to pre-development conditions using a detention pond, but the total volume increase leaving the site is 1000 cubic feet modeled over the 24 hours. What if I alter my pond outflow controls to extend the detention of this 1000 cubic feet beyond the 24 hour period? Does this meet the intent of the credit or is it simply finding a loophole in the wording?

To me it seems like providing infiltration/reuse/evapotranspiration practices are the intent of this credit. However, the wording could possibly be interpreted as what I wrote above.

Any thoughts on the topic would be appreciated.