It is my understanding, that though one can choose to quote a CIR for equal treatment under a specific credit, CIR's do not constitute a formal part of a credit requirement.
Specifically, we are pursuing LEED schools 2007, credit SSc5.1 for Protect or Restore Habitat. The credit language in the reference guide makes no distinction between lawns and native or adaptive vegetation. The (only) errata available for this LEED version does not add any requirements to the credit language.
In the preliminary comments for our Construction Review--in which we are not anticipated to receive the credit--the reviewer noted "Per previous LEED Interpretations, lawn is acceptable if it: a) is not a monoculture; b) does not require regular maintenance or mowing, and c) does not include any non-native/adaptive species."
Though i understand the new versions of LEED and the intention to have lawns included only if they promote biodiversity etc., this is not part of the requirement of the LEED version we are signed up for.
Can any of you tell me if CIR's can actually be held as part of the credit requierements, or if only the Reference Guide and Addenda/Errata are the formal documents to go by?