I'd like to start a bit of a straw polling process here predicated on the idea that delaying the ballot significantly (6 months or more) is in the best interests of USGBC, LEED and the environment. To do this, could folks who agree hit 'thumbs up' & feel free to comment. If folks disagree, a simple reply with "Disagree" would server the straw poll purposes. Any substantive reasons pro and con would be welcome. If we can show some DATA that V4 is a non-starter at the present time, then we have a good chance of avoiding the likely donnybrook that I see emerging from the fogs of the future.

Although the LEED2012 (henceforth V4) process has been going on for quite awhile, If you look at each of the drafts, it is clear that we really haven't been discussing the same document: each one is hugely different from the other, as well as very different from LEED 2009.

Tom Lent has suggested that we call the 4th draft a beta, which is a similar concept, but the most important thing here is to delay the ballot, which would hem USGBC--and us--into something that we all could regret down the line. I will be trying to get my matrix together, but it's a big lift...thanks for folks' patience.