i have a question regarding the calculation of the daily average and peak total occupants, because we received a review commnt on this topic. I have no idea how to calculate it and i didn't find anything helpful so far. So, i'm sorry if this question already came up.

The project is a hotel and the rating system is LEED v4 BD+C: HP. We calculate the default occupancy according to Appendix 2 of the Reference Guide because the hotel operator didn't know how many employess there will be. According to the table there are 44 FTEs and 93 visitors, hotel guests were calculated according to the Getting started section (Hotel rooms *1.5 *0,6) and is 161. So, the review team askes for a description of the daily average and peak total occupants. My question is now, what are the mubers of the table of A>ppendix 2? Average or peak? And how can i calculate the avergae and the peak? I don't understand why there is no clear guidance about that. It is important for planning.

I'm thankful for any help and advice