Regarding the U-value of the exterior wall in the proposed model, I see the LEED calculator provided a hint "Proposed construction assembly U-factor should be as-designed and consistent with Appendix A of ASHRAE 90.1". When I checked Appendix A, it seems like in the proposed model, we just need to obtain the R-value of the insulation and from there, we look up the corresponding U-value in table A. Is that the correct way to determine the U-value of the exterior wall for the proposed case? I thought we have to calculate U-value from each layer of wall assembly as shown in the design drawing, not looking up from Appendix A.

My second question is if a dry warehouse is unconditioned and not semi-heated, then will the U-value of its wall be modeled the same as the design? Table 5.5 only applies to the envelope of conditioned and semi-heated space, but yet mentions un-conditioned space. So I don't know how to set up the U-value for an unconditioned building in the baseline model. Thanks for your advice.