We have a project in Gallin, a small town with almost no public transport facilities. The project is located in a growing business park, the infrastructure will develop and the public transportation will be build up.
The builder and employer of the project will implement a bus shuttle in the meantime to connect the new location with the old location in Glinde which is close to Hamburg and has Access to some bus lines and a subway line to Hamburg. The distance between Gallin and Glinde by bus is 34 minutes and the shuttle busses will drive at the most frequent times. All employees from Glinde or Glinde region (approx. 47%) can walk, take the bike or the car to get to the shuttle, like they did before. Employees from Hamburg (approx. 25%) can come by car or can take a public bus - as well as before. Without this shuttle the new location will cause 100% more cars, with this shuttle we can reduce the number of cars to approx. 28%.
We are aware that this doesn´t correpond to the LEED requirements. But the builder and employer wants to do whatever is possible to reduce individual traffic. This is the only economic and meaningful way for the employees in relation to driving time and corresponds to the basic thoughts of this credit. Please verify if this feasible approach on the current conditions can be accepted in the meaning of LEED.