I would like to clarify which areas shall I include in Combined Density calculations, namely:

1) the buildable land (acres) refers to "portion of site where construction can occur". This means that, for example in a site with 1000 sf and permission to buid 4 floors, buildable land shall be 4 x 1000 sf? Or only the site area (1000 sf) shall be counted?

2) If the number of floors shall be considered for buildable land calculations, then, for example in a building where 5 floors were allowed to be built but only 3 of them were actually built, the number of floors to consider is still 5, correct?

3) Total floor area (m2) shall be calculated considering the actual floors already built (e.g. building in a site with 500 sf and 10 floors, is counted with 5000 sf). Is this correct?