I have never had to utilize the Budget Calculation Method for compliance using my GBIM verification system, but have one category that may not comply for a large public project pursuing LEED Platinum. Every point is critical, although the specifications outlined the requirements, there are a couple products that can't show compliance with the CDPH Sm v1.1 General Emissions Evaluation. Does that mean we have to do the Budget calculation for all categories? This would be laborious, since we have not been tracking volume or surface area per product. All other categories comply at this point. Also, when doing a deeper dive I saw on page 662 of the LEEDv4 Reference Manual under Step-by-Step Guidance that SCAQMD Rule 1113 is "sufficient" for self-declared compliance if CDHP Emissions testing was not available? This could also solve the problem. Can you please help with this two fold question?