Thank you LEEDuser for flagging this huge change to v4.1. In the latest addenda, there has been a change to the requirement for who the CxA can be on a project. They can now be an employee of the design or construction team if they are not part of the actual design!

There is also welcome clarification on documenting at submission what items are not completed but will be in the near future, along with how to confirm this.

While those that know me will understand why I support this concept. This is good for teams that include highly qualified multi-discipline team members that have deep commissioning qualifications. That being said, I wish GBCI would spend more time reviewing the qualifications submitted for the CxA. I know of no time that the CxA has been challenged or asked for further proof of competence. There have been many times that I have seen or been made aware of CxA individuals and firms that have done extremely poor work or such abbreviated service to have negated any positive effect on the project.

Read the Addenda item here.