I am wirting to enquire about a project wich I am carryng out.

The doubt is about the credit (SSc5) "Heat Island reduction".

To achieve this credit we will choose the Option 1 that requires to verify the following equation:             

Area of ​​nonroof measures/0,5 + Area of ​​high reflectance roof/0,75 + Vegetated roof/0,75 >/=  Total site paving area + Total roof area


- Area of ​​nonroof measures: we understand that these are strategies outside of the roof area.

- Area of ​​high reflectance roof: these are all the roof materials that achieve a SRI  higher than the table indicates.

- Area of ​​vegetated roof: the vegetal roof.

- Total site paving area: paved area.

-Total roof area: it is assumed that for get this area must be discounted the m2 that involve solar panels and mechanical equipments: then, we discounted the m2 that correspond to the solar panels, but we have a doubt about the mechanical equipment room.

This mechanical equipment room doesnt have a common cover, it just has metalic slats that are open, so more than a cover its just a shadow element.

Thus, I don't know If I have to count this as a high reflectant area, cause its slats, or as a mechanical equipment room at the roof an discount it to the total roof area indeed.

I will we very thankfull if you can help me.

Looking forward an answer.

Thank you in advance.