As per Table 6.8.1D, I observed the following
EER = 12.3-(0.213*Cap/1000) EER
Also, Cap means the rated cooling capacity of the product in Btu/hr. If the unit's capacity is less than 7000 Btu/hr, use 7000 Btu/hr in the calculation.
If the unit's capacity is higher than 15000 Btu/hr, use 15000 Btu/hr in the calculation.
What capacity used in the calculation for capacities between 7000 Btu/hr and 15000 Btu/hr. (This is not mentioned)
Capacity should be arrived from basecase energy model or proposed havc system's capacity
If arrived from basecase means, whether the coooling, heating capacity should be oversized by 15%, 25% respectively or not?
What is the meaning of rated cooling capacity of the product? (is this based on proposed model of ac system)
Please help.