I am modeling a lab builidng for LEED v4 and I am trying to determine what the Baseline heating type should be. Space heating and cooling are being provided by heat pump chillers in the proposed design (i.e. all heating is electric) but I have air handling units with steam humidifiers which are being provided by a campus steam system (which is a fossil fuel boiler). According to the LEED reference guide, "Humdification must be modeled identically in the baseline and proposed models", in other words, humdification is basically considered a process energy end-use. My question is, would the Baseline heating type be Electric because all the proposed heating is Electric or would it be Hybrid because the humidifiers are provided by a campus boiler that uses natural gas to produce the steam. I am thinking it should be ELectric because all heating is Electric and the humidification is a process energy end-use but I wanted to get a second opinion, especially from anyone who has had experience with a situation like this.