my question is related with the need to consider (or not) daylight controls in baseline building. Table G3.1 (bullet 6) from ASHRAE 90.1-2010 states the following:

1) Proposed Building: "... credit may be taken for the use of automatic controls dor daylight utilization but only if their operation is either modeled directly in the building simulation or modeled in the building simulation through schedule adjustments determined by a separate daylighting analysis approved by the rating authority ...";

2) Baseline building: "...No additional automatic lighting controls (e.g. automatic controls for daylight utilization) shall be modeled in the baseline building design..."

However, there is an Addendum (cg) where the text referred above was removed and the need to simulate mandatory lighting controls (daylight is mandatory in zones near windows or skylights) was added.

LEED v4 uses as reference standard ASHRAE 90.1-2010 with erratta. Can you please confirm if this correction is included in the scope of the referred erratta considered for LEEDv4 compliance (meaning that no credit can be claimed for daylight controls in zones where it is mandatory)?