Hi All,
My current project is a CI office space in Rome-Italy, which has been leased from a new landlord who acquired a semi-finished building from a bank liquidation. The problem is that the washrooms servicing my client/tenant space were finished and installed by the previous landlord that went bust. There is no documentation and it has not been possible to find the manufacturer of the equipment in order to obtain cut sheets with water flow or flushing consumption (the building was kept closed for 4 years during the bank recovery process).
My question is, can we proceed with an independent commissioning of the water fixtures installed servicing the LEED project occupants? In case that is possible, is there any specific procedure for the commissioning? For example: the client occupies 5 floors with about 40 toilet station in each floor. Can we proceed with commissioning by sampling as they are all the same? What would be the acceptable percentage rate for sampling? Can you suggest a procedure? Many thanks!