ASHRAE 90.1-2010 8.4.2 states, that 50% of all 125 volt 15- and 20-Ampere receptacle outlets in private offcies, open offices and computer classrooms shall be automatically switched off when the space is not occupied. In Germany, the power of receptacle outlets for "normal" devices such as computers, copiers or lighting is 230 volt 10 - 16 Ampere.
Since it is not usual at all to switch off sockets or to have duplex receptacles with occupancy sensors or other controls it is very hard to implement this in german projects. The question is whether we have to follow the provision verbatim and apply this only to 125 volt outlets (which we do not have in Germany) or whether we should apply the requirement to our 230 volt outlets. We fear that many projects will choose a different certification system like DGNB or BREEAM in the last case.

How do you work around this in other countrys?
I´m interested in your opinion here.
Thank you in advance!

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