Good Day,

We are working on a project outside the US and would like to clarify if there are any options that speak to the following;

  • Main stair case: lights are on the BMS system and will be on a schedule based system. If occupants are working out of the scheduled times, they are to notify security who will be able to override the lights auto off ( area is controlled remotely via the BMS). Time Schedule: lights off between 23H00 and 05H00 as per business requirements. The main stair case forms part of the architectural look and feel of an atrium and space. Switching these lights off will create a gap tooth look which is undesirable. Please advise if a timer control is acceptable.    
  • Collaboration areas: The lights in the areas are grouped into groups of no more than 50%. Lux sensing motion sensors are grouped to the lights within the space so as no more than 50 % of the lights are turned on at once. Motion sensors will not turn the lights on if there is more than 250 lux in the space, ensuring required lux levels are maintained in this area at all times when there is motion in the area. Motion sensors switch the lights off after 30 min. This area consists of linear lights, approximately 1/3rd of the light falls within a sidelight area. It is not possible to control a portion of the linear light.
  • Phone Booths: These are rooms of approx. 2.5m2 with a single 12 watt downlight. These lights are on timers from 23H00 to 05H00.
  • Retreat and focus booths: Small rooms with lux sensing motion sensors. Motion sensors will not turn the lights on if there is more than 250 lux in the space, ensuring minimum lux levels are maintained at all times.  There are a maximum of 3x12W downlights in these rooms

In total these areas equate to approximately 6% of the total building area. All areas are compliant with local standards. 

Will these be sufficient as there are gaps in meeting ASHRAE Mandatory requirements?

Thank you kindly.