Hi all,

Can I pick someone's brain about which ASHRAE Baseline HVAC system we should be selecting for a Hospitality project we are working on?

This is a major renovation of an existing building which will be converted to a 7-storey building. It will comprise 3 floors of Hotel rooms (2,100 m2, in total) and 2 floors of offices and auxiliary spaces (1,000 m2, in total). There will also be 2 underground floors (total area of 750 m2) which will include mostly MEP plantrooms, storage areas and a couple of massage and sauna rooms.

We would like to know if we should be going with System 1 (Building Type: Residential) for the whole building or we would be better off going with System 1 only for those floors with hotel rooms and maybe selecting System 3 for the rest of the building?

Any advice would be of great help.


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