Like Logan's post below, we are pursuing this Pilot Credit, but feel it would be especially useful to know how much information/detail they expect for each line item required. 

Has anyone submitted this yet and can provide some guidance as to how much content was needed for Award? I feel like many items can just be named and don't need to be explained, such as "Roof systems" or "Storage and collection of recyclables", but could have elaboration if really needed. In many cases, just a bullet point list should logically suffice, but I worry they may expect more of a narrative format.

As for the contractor portion of review during the design, this happens to apply to the current project where we're attempting this, where the contractor was onboard all through the design phase, but most of my other projects are typical design-bid, where contractors aren't involved until the design is complete. In general, I worry about the applicability of the credit to normal projects the way it is currently written. While it does definitely call for construction team participation, the actual documentation occurs throughout design, not during construction. Seems like a very limiting requirement.