Amphitheater Occupancy

Project Location: United States
Our project is the back stage area of a seasonal outdoor amphitheater concert venue. The venue hosts concerts 35 days per year over a 24 week period. There are three types of occupants: Type 1: 2 permanent full-time venue staff members that work 40 hour weeks rear round; Type 2: ~25 seasonal, part-time venue employees that typically work 16 hours per day on show days only; Type 3: ~70 traveling production staff and artists that arrive only on show days and typically work 12 hours on those days only then leave. Calculating each group as FTEs the annual usage is 17 FTEs. Peak occupancy on show days is 97. Has anyone had experience balancing this type of occupancy between Site Credits and Water Efficiency credits in NC 2009? I have chosen to calculate the traveling production staff as FTEs rather than transients. I should add that it will likely also include a narrative explaining that the ~70 production staff/artists will arrive for the day by tour bus and will not be biking, taking public transit, or driving/parking personal vehicles. The venue does have a 500 gallon biodiesel tank to fill tour busses. The audience area is outside the boundary for this phase of the project. I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks!