We are currently designing a school according to LEED v.4. Regarding interior lighting for multioccupant spaces, the following needs to be considered:

"Have in place multizone control systems that enable occupants to adjust the lighting to meet group needs and preferences, with at least three lighting levels or scenes (on, off, midlevel)." 

We are wondering, instead of having lighting controls with three levels, is it possible to have the overhead lighting divided, so that some of the lights are controlled by one lighting control (using on/off) and having the rest of the lightings being controlled by another lighting control (also this one using on/off)? The lightings of both lighting controls would be distributed evenly in the room, so that when only one lighting control is turned on and the other one is off, some lightings will be turned on along the entire room. By doing this, we could have three lighting levels (on/off/midlevel) where midlevel would be turning off some of the lightings and having the other ones turned on.

Would this design be feasible for multioccupant spaces to meet the requirements of this credit? 

Thank you so much for the help!