Our new construction project is a new fitness center on the periphery of a community college campus, which is adjacent to a landscape valley (with no density). We are attempting credits SS credit 2 and SS credit4.1, by defining the “entrance” of this project as center of campus, which represents an overall campus perspective and not the individual project site. It is known that the pedestrian network (students/visitors) uses the campus as a whole, instead of getting dropped off at the entrance of specific buildings. Student and visitor parking and drop off zones are designated and adjacent to campus entrances. Considering all students and visitors will be coming from and entrance point and navigate through the campus, when using the new fitness center. We are going to move the center of the radius for SS credit 2 “Development Density and Community Connectivity” and SS credit 4.1 “Public Transportation Access” to the center of the campus. The client will not support the documentation effort for a campus approach within the “master site”, so I am asking for the validity of the above mentioned approach.