We are working on an IT office building that does not have any switches to control lighting. All controls are provided through wall mounted android powered touch screens at corridors and individual lighting is controlled through a customised android app that allows staff to control lighting in their cabin.

All multi occupant spaces have occupancy sensors, daylight sensors and touch screens to control lighting along with automated climate sensitive blinds.

The open plan workstations have a provision for plug in task lighting but we are certain that the staff do not need task lights as all work is carried out only on computers. We were wondering if it is absolutely necessary to procure so many task lamps? Can we not procure, say 50 lamps and simply place these lamps in a strategic locations where the staff can pick up the lamps and use it when required.

All the staff working in the open plan office will also have the mobile app to control the lighting in their bays but the lighting is common for about 8 employees.

How do we ensure we do not lose this credit just because of individual task lighting that the occupants don't need.