I'm having difficulty determining the best way to proceed in regards to utilizing the Air Quality Testing option to fulfill the requirements for this credit. This seems to be the most cost effective strategy for some of our clients. I cannot seem to locate the primary document that is the "EPA's Compendium of Methods for the Determination of Air Pollutants." The link on LEED User does not work.

We were thinking about purchasing some equipment that registered the results of test instantaneous, and performing them over the four hour period outlined in the reference guide. However, I found a CIR that seems to indicate that the only way possible to earn this credit is by applying methods approved by the "Compendium," utilizing canisters or tubes. The CIR is 1/13/2009 and ruling is 3/24/2009.

Can someone clarify:
1. That instant measurements devices cannot be used
2. Where to locate the requirement outlined in the "Compendium."
3. The most successful method to achieve this credit use the Air Quality Testing option.