We are curreinlty designing a building targeeting to be LEED certified under version 3.0,
As per ASHRAE 90.1:2007 requirements for LPD is mandatory, in which luminare wattage is defined as follow:
The wattage of luminaires with permanently installed or
remote ballasts or transformers shall be the operating input wattage of the maximum lamp/auxiliary combination based on values from the auxiliary manufacturers’ literature or recognized testing laboratories or shall be the maximum labeled wattage of the luminaire.

The building façade lighting is designed with multi brightness levels, and accordingly with different power consumption based on the brightness level. The brightness level changes during the operation and in some occasions operates on the full wattage.
When calculating the LPD based on the full brightness the value exceeds the maximum permitted by ASHRAE90.1:2007, however, the system software has a facility to limit the brightness at any time to a maximum of certain value (i.e. 50% in our case) to maintain the LPD as per ASHRAE requirements.

Is lighting power reduction using the software acceptable by ASHRAE90.1:2007 and projects targeting LEED for new construction Version 3.0 or not?