The VOC content limit for aerosol adhesives is expressed as a percentage by weight per the requirements and per the LEEDuser FAQ above (though the link doesn't seem to work). Yet when I go into the EQ4.1 form to enter the aerosol product, the form tells me that I have to convert the aerosol VOC percentage back to a typical grams per liter value.

First of all, why? Is this solely because the table on the form is geared for g/l and a percentage won't fit? If so, why is the compliance based on percentage if you're going to have to convert it anyway?

I received g/l documentation first and requested the % documentation to make sure of compliance so I have both pieces of information. Thankfully since I don't know how to make that conversion. However, what is the limit then for that converted g/l value? The docs are telling me 64.8% VOCs and that complies, but the g/l provided is 497 g/l less water. That figure doesn't seem to comply with any limit I have.

The form says I have to convert both the percentage and the limit, but provides no direction in either case. How is this done? And what justifies this effort if the percentage complies?