I am somewhat confused comparing the requirements of C&S and New Construction. In C&S requirements there is no statement about 10% of energy end use; to me that means advanced meters only for energy sources at site border. Is that correct?
For tenants only meters are required, not "advanced" meters. That means to me the requirements like 1 hour interval etc. do not apply; tenant meters could as well have 1 year intervals. Is that correct?
For both base building and tenants it would not be necessary to determine the 10% energy end uses; but that step is included in step-by-step guidance, also in the online access.
If this is true I think there is no way to calculate base building systems' energy use, as there is whole building data in 1 hour intervals and tenant data (that would be deducted to obtain base building data) in other intervals.
Can someone shed some light on this? If I understand it correctly the credit is much easier for C&S.