Dear All:-

Our project is use 100 % recycled water for irrigation (ETP Treated water) and so it is option 2 - path 1 and we have met the

option 1 50% water reduction by use of recycle water but the reviewer ask 50 % saving from Mid summer base case irrigation 

as per the LEED BD + C reference guide page number 179 we may use recycled water to claim either option 1 50% reduction or option 2 100 % reduction so now we have some doubts from the review 

1.we have used the 100 non potable water so in this case ,is it mandatory to save the irrigation water by 50% from midsummer baseline 

2.How we overcome the review the following is the review comments

" The additional documentation indicates that the landscaping and irrigation systems have been designed to reduce potable water consumption for irrigation by 100% and the total water used for irrigation by 27.97%. However, the documentation continues to indicate that "total water consumption" has been reduced by 27.97%, whereas a minimum reduction of 50% must be achieved. Note that, as indicated within the LEED BD+C v2009 Reference Guide, projects attempting Option 2: No potable water use or irrigation must also meet all requirements of Option 1: Reduce by 50%. Therefore, although a 100% reduction in potable water usage has been documented, a 50% reduction in total water usage is required as well. The documentation does not demonstrate compliance."

3.In this review comments they mention that "total water consumption" what it means either total water consumption such as flush, flow fixture, Irrigation or just only irrigation 

4.Kindly inform is there any alternate compliance path or CIR available to get 4 points for 100% non potable water usage project

Please clarify the above issues and help us to overcome this situation