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LEEDuser's Guide to Passing the LEED AP Exam v4

Study Guide

LEEDuser's Guide to Passing the LEED AP Exam v4

So you've decided (or perhaps it's been decided for you) to take the new LEED AP BD+C exam.

Failure is not an option—and LEEDuser has blazed a trail for you to follow and earn that LEED AP credential on your first try. LEEDuser moderator Paula Melton passed the exam on her first attempt—and you can too.

Revealed: all of Paula's secret studying strategies, complete with sample questions.

We don't want you to feel the sort of pre-exam anxiety Paula did, so she created a guide to mastering all of the essential information you need. Eight Tips for Passing the LEED v4 AP Exam includes:

  • The four tables from the LEED Reference Guide we recommend memorizing and writing down when you get into the exam room (you can't take this cheat sheet in with you, but you'll have time before the exam starts to write down notes. Use this time wisely)
  • The 12 critical LEED Reference Guide calculations we recommend learning by heart... all in one convenient study sheet
  • 6 more tips with specific, insider information just like this
  • Sample questions for every tip
  • Links to a peer support forum with others who have taken, or are about to take, the LEED v4 AP exam

You also get my 45-page workbook—an invaluable aid to cementing your newfound knowledge and pre-exam studying.

My printable companion workbook helps you put my Eight Tips into practice. Your confidence will be sky-high when you complete the following detailed sections:

  • Part 1: Getting to know the reference guide
  • Part 2: Tables to memorize
  • Part 3: Key credit details to memorize
  • Part 4: Calculations and thresholds to memorize
  • Part 5: The key reference guide section you must know inside and out
  • Part 6: Understanding how credits work together
  • Part 7: Key documentation questions

Free with Eight Tips for Passing the LEED v4 AP Exam: our exclusive LEED AP BD+C v4 practice exam and our NEW 108-page exam study guide.

We also asked Alex Spilger of GreenStep Education to create an extra-challenging 50-question sample exam just for you that you can take right on our website.

Alex is a LEED AP with multiple specialties who retakes the LEED AP exams to maintain his credentials. Alex is adept at translating his LEED expertise to tricky, realistic exam questions. Our sample test will give you an accurate read on whether you're ready for the real thing.

When you take our practice exam, you'll receive an immediate, detailed explanation after answering each question; we'll also tally up your total score at the end.

Alex also created our brand new exam study guide, chock full of details about things like the exam structure, test-taking strategies, and even managing a LEED project. A category-by-category rundown of each credit section rounds out this invaluable guide.

No v4 project experience needed.

Yes, v4 project experience is one way to cram all of this information into your head. But with the uptake of the new system just beginning, you may not have v4 experience to draw upon: Eight Tips for Passing the LEED v4 AP Exam helps you fill that gap.

Our exam prep guarantee

We strongly believe that what you will get from my Eight Tips guide, my 45-page companion workbook, the new GreenStep study guide, and the 50-question practice exam is worth far more than the purchase price.

Still, if you follow Paula's Eight Tips... diligently complete the companion workbook... take the practice exam... and still feel that you aren't thoroughly prepared for the new LEED AP exam, you can get a 100% refund of the purchase price—no questions asked.

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