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Rock Ridolfi


Senior Solutions Consultant



Rock’s work encompasses over 22 million square feet of commercial and municipal office space, manufacturing facilities, and K-12 schools, tallying over 65 LEED® for Existing Buildings: Operation and Maintenance™ certifications and several LEED® for New Construction™ projects. On-site experiences include energy audits on over 40 buildings and functional testing on several office and manufacturing facilities.

As the Commissioning Analyst on our integrated project team, Rock is responsible for:
- Performing EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager assessments and facility benchmarking
- Creating and implementing the plans and policies for building documentation best practices, including operating plans, system narratives, sequence of operations, and preventive maintenance procedures
- Performing ASHRAE Level I Walk-Through Analysis reports and Level II Energy Survey Analysis reports
- Performing financial analyses of identified no-cost / low-cost and capital improvement energy conservation measures
- Developing building specific commissioning, retro-commissioning, and ongoing commissioning plans
- Performing building ventilation calculations as required by ASHRAE Standard 62.1
- Performing indoor air quality audits and reports as required by the EPA’s Indoor Air Quality Building Education and Assessment Model
- Assisting our Commissioning team with air balancing and equipment functional testing