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Perrin Pellegrin


Managing Partner

Innovative Workshop Consulting


For Perrin Pellegrin, Managing Partner and project manager at Innovative Workshop Consulting, the emphasis is on the workshop approach to sustainability policy and climate impact analysis. A LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional, Perrin entered into the sustainability field well before LEED was a household term, with the distinction of working on one of the first 25 green buildings in the U.S. to be certified as such. She has the distinction of being the first Sustainability Manager in the entire University of California system, a position she held at UCSB for 8 years.

Perrin brings her 17 years of experience to each project, helping her clients balance what they want with their capacity, and to grow from there: “We want them to be cutting edge,” Perrin says, “and we work together with them on that. We don’t pass things off, we are hands on and we love what we do. It’s exciting to see what people achieve.”

IWC has worked with a wide range of clients—institutions of higher education such as UCSB, UC Riverside, Santa Barbara City College, and Ventura County Community College District, as well as municipalities such as the City of Santa Barbara—creating and delivering sustainability projects that minimize environmental impact and maximize the quality of life for those who work and study in these buildings. Perrin has created sustainable strategic and climate actions plans for countless organizations throughout her career, and has become known for delivering on time and often surpassing expectations. Perrin says that one of the areas of sustainability that really excites her currently is more “concerned with the wellbeing of the people inside the building, it’s qualitative, and concerned with things such as lighting and how your body is affected.”

In addition to her passion for sustainability, Perrin loves to spend time with her family, run trails, and travel.