Patricia Andrasik's picture

Patricia Andrasik

Assistant Professor / Head of Sustainability Outreach

The Catholic Universtiy of America


Patricia's diverse background in interior design and architecture has enabled a strong foundation for sustainable design and planning for various project types. Adept at implementing all facets of the IDP including charretting and project coordination, she uses BIM software such as Green Building Studio, Vasari and Ecotect to inform metrics and performance goals throughout design.

Patricia has been teaching both studios and sustainability courses at the School of Architecture and Planning, Master of Sustainable Design Program, The Catholic University of America since 2004. She recently developed a course called LEED Lab which utilizes the LEED EB:O+M Rating system, which is reviewed by USGBC and GBCI. The course focuses on student implementation of LEED EB:O&M . Patricia will launch two classes in lighting and environmental analytics next year.