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Hudai Kara

Materials Scientist | Sustainability Expert | Investor | Innovator | Mentor


Metsims Sustainability Consulting


Dr Hüdai Kara is founder and Managing Director of Metsims Sustainability Consulting in the UK and in Turkey. He has over 17 years of combined experience in low carbon sustainable technologies, critical metals research in energy generation supply chain, carbon footprint, life cycle assessment (LCA) and management, materials security, energy efficiency and renewable energy, waste management, and research and development covering industries from metallurgy to materials, chemical, energy and buildings.

A materials scientist by training, Dr Kara is an expert Evaluator for EU research and development funding streams including Horizon 2020, FP7 (NMT, Env), Eureka, Eurostars, CorNet and Eco-Innovation for the European Commission.
He is an expert Life Cycle Analysis practitioner and trainer. He has trained over 100 academic and industrial LCA practitioners and has completed over 60 internationally reviewed LCAs.

DR Kara is the author of over dozens of scientific papers in refereed journals and presented in many international conferences. He regularly writes on sustainability and sustainable development issues in an industrial journal published in Turkey. He sits on the technical committee of the Int. EPD System and is Head of Research at Turkish Green Building Council. Dr Kara is the only approved verifier in Turkey for the International EPD System and also acts as EPD System verifier for ECO Platform. He has a Doctor of Philosophy in Materials from the University of Oxford, BSc and MSc degrees from Istanbul Technical University.