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Elliot Glassman


Senior Associate + Senior Technical Principal; National Leader of Computational Design for Building Systems

WSP Built Ecology


Elliot Glassman is a Senior Associate and Technical Principal with Built Ecology, WSP's high performance and sustainability group. He is also a charter member of WSP's global computational design group WSPnext.

Elliot obtained his Bachelors of Architecture from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a Masters of Design Studies in Sustainable Design from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. In 13 years of combined professional practice as an architect and sustainability consultant, Elliot has worked on various projects around the world, each requiring a unique response to a diverse set of climatic, site, and programmatic conditions.

Elliot's main area of focus is combining computational design techniques with performance simulation to inform the design process. These computational techniques help identify integrated design solutions that improve the performance of the built environment in areas such as energy, daylight, renewable energy, and thermal and visual comfort.