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Elizabeth Repin

LEED AP BD+C, IREE, ICP Network Developer


Green Living, LLC


Elizabeth was among the first 20K LEED APs entering the industry in 2006, vs today’s 166K. Bent on not missing out on the next burgeoning industry, she founded Green Living, LLC in 2006. For the last 24 years, she has managed integrate teams, including three Fortune 500 Corporations. Elizabeth brought to “Green building” focus on reduced risk and low-cost option to private and public project teams. In seeking lower cost and reduced risk in the ever-changing landscape of energy and water conservation, she was contacted by Noah Sebourn (who has is now on the Senior team) about PACE, the Department of Energy’s roll-out, that meets the aforementioned: allow risk averse and cost avoidant building owners to implement energy and water efficient installations for qualifying new construction and retrofits all while keeping the costs off the balance sheet.

Green Living, LLC’s clients include, UDR, Hanover, Hines, Dinerstein, JP Morgan, CDK, and the CORE of Engineers. Elizabeth is grateful to have fused into both USGBC and PACE during their infancies.