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Cindy Davis


Sustainability Specialist and Knowledge Management Professional


Subject matter expert and design researcher for architecture and the built environment specializing in environmental sustainability. Focused on cultivating teams and developing a roadmap for implementing change through a data-driven, integrative design approach and utilizing best management practices. Experienced at refining the design practice using an inclusive and collaborative approach, implementing the latest tools and strategies, and advising on cost/climate impacts. Actively communicates firm/team successes through storytelling to celebrate achievements. Approach centers on establishing a shared vision and measurable goals to optimize outcomes and track progress. Sustainability design priorities include but not limited to:
• Delivering high-performing projects through early energy efficiency and embodied carbon analysis to measure and optimize ROI both economically and environmentally.
• Ensuring Occupant comfort, safety and wellness (HSW) by providing optimal IAQ; evaluating materials for VOCs and chemicals of concern; and conducting post-occupant evaluations (POE) to identify issues and make corrections.
• Promoting a circular economy and resource efficiency – material, water, energy, waste and land use.
• Inspiring an engaged culture of sustainability and continuous learning.

Program and Project Management Professional Seeking opportunity to establish/support/lead an organization in the development and implementation of corporate initiatives. Motivated in managing and inspiring cultural change focused on environmental sustainability that also strengthens an organization’s equity and diversity. Motivated in applying research and knowledge management skills to optimize corporate decision making and track progress.