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Chen Shalita

B. Arch., LEED AP BD+C

Alfa Sustainable Projects Limited


Chen is CEO of Alfa Sustainable Projects Limited, specializing in sustainable projects and entrepreneurship.
Alfa Sustainable Projects are currently responsible for the sustainable design and certification of one of the largest LEED projects in Israel- the Broshim Campus Student Dormitory, seeking LEED Silver. Chen is a managing partner at ESHEL Energy Limited, An ESCO company who specialize in energy efficiency retrofits and projects. Chen is also a board member and developer, of the Aviation and space Centre project in Israel. In addition, Chen has been an adjunct lecturer at the Technion since 2009, lecturing on sustainable Architecture.
Chen worked as an Architect with Diamond & Schmitt Architects in Toronto from 2006 to 2009. He earned his title as a LEED accredited professional from the Canadian Green Building Council, and worked on some of the cutting edge sustainable projects at Diamond & Schmitt, including the $ 65M, 14,500 Sq.m. CANMET LEED Platinum project, for Natural Resources Canada. Chen developed a unique project debriefing tool, used at Diamond & Schmitt on some of their largest most complex projects. Chen was trained by the CaGBC as facilitator in IDP- the Sustainable integrated design process, and holds a certificate from the Canadian Geo-Exchangeâ„¢ Coalition, in Ground Source Heat Pump design. Alfa Sustainable Projects has signed an MOU and is working with the CGC to implement the technology in Israel. Chen is a member of the expert committee responsible for developing the new Israeli standard for ground source heat pumps.