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Data Center location restrictions

Data-Centers-NC-v4 LTc4: Surrounding density and diverse uses
posted by Charalampos Giannikopoulos on Jan 25, 2014, 12:28 pm

Because of Data Center location restrictions those cannot be located in urban areas. This means that Data Center have similar properties with the Warehouses and Distribution Centers as far as...

Last reply: Kara Strong, Jan 21, 2020, 2:41 pm

Surrounding density calculations-Public rights-of-way

CI-v4 LTc2: Surrounding density and diverse uses
posted by Mahesh Shankar on Jan 21, 2020, 3:00 am

I am working for a CI project. The project space is located in very isolated factory area where not many buildings are located and therefore we are extremely low on points for this credit. I am...

Last reply: Bipin Karki, Jan 21, 2020, 2:08 pm

Are C2C or C2C MHC automatically considered 3rd party verified?

NC-v4.1 MRc4: Building product disclosure and optimization - material ingredients
posted by Tommy Linstroth on Jan 21, 2020, 11:27 am

HPDs have a box to check for 3rd party verification. Does Cradle to Cradle in and of itself earn the 3rd party certification? Is it both for...

Last reply: Tristan Roberts, Jan 21, 2020, 1:19 pm

ISO 16346:2013

Pilot-Credits EApc95: Alternative Energy Performance Metric
posted by Emmanuel Pauwels on Jan 27, 2016, 12:33 pm

Since we are unable to find greenhouse gas emission factors with a reference to ISO 16346:2014, could we use the greenhouse gas emissions factors as used by the Spanish National Institute for...

Last reply: Hrisa Gatzoulis, Jan 21, 2020, 11:57 am

Welcome to the Exam Discussion forum!

LEED Exam Discussion
posted by Paula Melton on Dec 19, 2019, 4:42 pm

If you want peer support while studying for a LEED exam, you've come to the right place! We look forward to hearing where people are running into trouble ... and also we want to celebrate with...

Last reply: Gregor Braugman, Jan 21, 2020, 11:21 am

Waste Management- Commingled

LEED v4.1 Discussion Forum
posted by Alexis Stewart on Jan 21, 2020, 10:22 am

I read the below for LEED V4: How the language currently reads, if you recycle 10 different materials all in 1 commingled dumpster, that only counts as 1 waste stream. This makes material...

Lead Based Paint Waste

LEED v4.1 Discussion Forum
posted by Alexis Stewart on Jan 21, 2020, 10:59 am

In the beginning of the project we had a large portion of Lead based paint that was disposed of. How does this count? Is there a way to not include this in our waste counts?

PPB to UG/M3 in ArcSkoru

EBOM-v4.1 EQc1: Indoor Environmental Quality Performance
posted by Angela A. Moore on Dec 9, 2019, 3:06 pm


Last reply: Angela A. Moore, Jan 21, 2020, 10:56 am

Project Name maximum character limit

Living with LEED Online - quirks, bugs and hiccups
posted by Manivannan Devaraj on Jan 21, 2020, 3:35 am

What is the maximum character limits for Project Name character

Last reply: Bill Swanson, Jan 21, 2020, 10:39 am

Composite Wood Doors

NC-v4.1 EQc2: Low-emitting materials
posted by Katie Breshears on Aug 15, 2019, 3:59 pm

The credit language states that the composite...

Last reply: Allen Cornett, Jan 21, 2020, 9:50 am