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LEED project boundary

Schools-2009 EAc1: Optimize Energy Performance
posted by Cara Mae Cirignano on May 25, 2010, 4:14 pm

2010- 1:34 pm EAp3 is pretty easy, and for a seven-year-old buliding I think you'd be fine.Why don't you post about your situation over on the IEQp3 forum? It's an interesting situation....

Last reply: Tristan Roberts, May 28, 2010, 1:34 pm

Another HVAC Compliance Question

NC-2009 EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
posted by Omer Moltay on May 26, 2010, 2:33 pm

Dear All,

Our current project is an existing building renovation, where boiler and chiller in the 2 pipe fan coil system are retained, but the fan coil units are replaced with new ones....

Last reply: Christopher Schaffner, May 28, 2010, 10:38 am

Storage / Collection of Recyclables In Apartment

NC-2009 MRp1: Storage and Collection of Recyclables
posted by Jean Ascoli on May 6, 2010, 12:11 pm

Can we count space for collection of recyclables inside the dwelling units towards the SF for recyclable storage; reducing the overall size of the central storage?

Last reply: Tristan Roberts, May 27, 2010, 10:22 pm

Wheatboard Manufacturers on the East Coast

NC-v2.2 MRc6: Rapidly Renewable Materials
posted by Linda Davisson on May 26, 2010, 1:39 pm

We have millworkers claiming that wheatboard is no longer available regionally to the DC metro area and that the only manufacturers are now on the west coast. This has made the manufacturing of...

Last reply: Brent Ehrlich, May 27, 2010, 4:41 pm

Kitchen Sinks vs. "Break Room Sinks" and "Classroom Sinks"

NC-2009 WEp1: Water Use Reduction
posted by Kenneth Lynch on May 27, 2010, 11:42 am

In this community college office/classroom building, 40% of the flow fixtures are found in classrooms, science labs, or teacher lounges. To this point, I've never come across anyone mentioning...

Last reply: Rick Gehrke, May 27, 2010, 1:33 pm

Confused on what to fill in on the ASHRAE Buiding Envelope Compl

CI-2009 EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
posted by Sarah Johnson on May 21, 2010, 2:40 pm

We are doing a LEED CI upfit in an old existing building. The upload page for EAp2 requires that we upload ASHRAE Buiding Envelope Compliance form. The Envelope is not in the scope of the...

Last reply: Paul Conrad, May 27, 2010, 8:47 am

ASHRAE Compliance Forms

CI-2009 EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
posted by Jose Salinas on Apr 19, 2010, 9:49 am

Hi, my question is as follows: in version 2.2 when you chose to use the complience forms to support the mandatory provisions, only the check list part was necessary to be filled up. Since the V 3...

Last reply: Paul Conrad, May 27, 2010, 8:45 am

P1 for Germany, Switzerland, Austria

NC-2009 SSp1: Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
posted by Tatjana Ernst on May 26, 2010, 8:59 am

Hi everyone,

has anybody expercience with LEED Projects in Switzerland or Austria? What challenges did you find out regarding P1? We have two projects in Vienna and Zürich. In my opinion...

Last reply: Jean Marais, May 27, 2010, 3:16 am

What does this mean for current projects under review?

General forums
posted by Seema Pandya on May 4, 2010, 3:57 pm

I am happy that consistency in LEED credit rulings and interpretations will come in the future. Is there any advice for projects that are currently going through the review process that find...

Last reply: Tristan Roberts, May 26, 2010, 11:35 pm

Split review

General forums
posted by Tristan Roberts on May 26, 2010, 10:58 pm

My understanding is that if you're doing a split design/construction review, if a credit is rejected at the Preliminary Construction Review, you can submit new information, perhaps even new...