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Change a precertification with a certification process

LEED Rating System Selection
posted by Sandro Paglia on Aug 3, 2018, 3:53 am

Goodmorning to all,

we have registrated a project as a precertification process, but now we would like to change this with a certification process. How can we make this change?  Is there...

Choosing LEED ND Plan vs Built Project

LEED Rating System Selection
posted by Susan Di Giulio on Jul 27, 2018, 1:54 pm

Where can I find more in-depth information about how to choose between these two versions of LEED-ND v4? I recall seeing somewhere that it partially depends on the % of the project already built...

Last reply: Eliot Allen, Jul 27, 2018, 2:25 pm

LEED ID+C: Commercial Interior or LEED BD+C: New Construction

LEED Rating System Selection
posted by ARDOR GREEN on May 31, 2018, 6:46 am

a changement in areas they want to get certification for: R&D room only. That leads the project to other questions:  https://leeduser.buildinggreen.com/forum/leed-idc-time-boundary-and-owner It would...

Last reply: ARDOR GREEN, Jul 11, 2018, 3:46 am

Which Rating System Applies to a small Addition to In-Patient Hospital?

LEED Rating System Selection
posted by Margaret Montgomery on Jul 5, 2018, 6:41 pm

We're beginning a project that includes a 7500 sf ED addition to an existing Emergency Department that will undergo remodeling. The project is part of a recently constructed but not LEED...

Warehouse project failed LEED BD+C certification wants to try again

LEED Rating System Selection
posted by Amine Zeidane on Jun 13, 2018, 8:18 am


A Warehouse project failed LEED BD + C certification in 2011 and wants to try again in 2018 with the same Building and for minimum cost.

What are options available ?


Last reply: Paula Melton, Jun 20, 2018, 11:33 am

Religious building which contains school, worship space kitchen and events spaces

LEED Rating System Selection
posted by Pamela Smith on Jun 13, 2018, 8:34 pm

Can this be under general...

Last reply: Pamela Smith , Jun 13, 2018, 9:02 pm


LEED Rating System Selection
posted by ALEX ROSE on May 31, 2018, 4:55 pm

GREETINGS!  Does anyone know of a study that demonstrates dangers (or not) of off-gassing of closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation after it's been installed for awhile?  Or, is it...


LEED Rating System Selection
posted by Janine van den Kerkhof on May 18, 2018, 6:50 am

Hello all, 

I'm participating in a LEED Project which contains a mastersite and two projects (registration v2009 already took place for all). Several credits of the mastersite (campus)...

Last reply: Calie Gihl, May 31, 2018, 1:32 am

rating system selection

LEED Rating System Selection
posted by Sandro Paglia on May 16, 2018, 10:12 am

Good afternoon, we're certifying a building that is 10% retail, 10% offices and 80% residential. We are unsure as to which rating system to choose, since the residential layout has not been...

Last reply: Sandro Paglia, May 16, 2018, 4:03 pm

Shared parking in campus

LEED Rating System Selection
posted by Ricardo Sá on Apr 30, 2018, 7:33 am

One of our clients is starting a major refurbishment of an office building, located in the same campus of a large retail building (that will not be subjected to any intervention ) and intends to...

Last reply: Cynthia Kaplan, Apr 30, 2018, 9:21 am