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Is proof of 3rd party Cx of Renewable Energy installations required?

NC-v4 EAc5: Renewable energy production
posted by Joyce Kelly on Nov 5, 2020, 1:48 pm

Proof of 3rd party...

Last reply: Candice Rogers, Nov 5, 2020, 5:55 pm

Garage ventilation

NC-v4.1 EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
posted by Ying Lindsey on Oct 15, 2020, 6:11 pm

discussion here LINK https://leeduser.buildinggreen.com/forum/taking-credit-dcv-car-parks.  This clarified that if the law requests the DCV control, no credit can be claimed from the parking DCV ventilation....

Last reply: Tyler Thumma, Nov 5, 2020, 3:34 pm

Eventual Repository for Materials Analysis

Pilot-Credits MRpc103: Integrative Analysis of Building Materials
posted by Samuel Palmer-Dwore on Oct 22, 2020, 6:20 pm

As projects develop analyses of different building materials for projects one would suspect that within a firm, these would be re-used both for sustainability purposes and already vetting...

Last reply: Amber Morris, Nov 5, 2020, 10:54 am

Project relocated to a new site

NC-v4 IPc1: Integrative process
posted by Sara Goenner Curlee on Nov 4, 2020, 1:47 pm

I have a project that just completed the IP credit requirements before the end of SD, and now finds itself likely needing to relocate to a different site. The proposed new site is about 10 miles...

Last reply: Sara Goenner Curlee, Nov 4, 2020, 2:21 pm

Documentation for Project-Specific Recycling of Commingled Waste

NC-v4 MRc5: Construction and demolition waste management
posted by Erica Downs on Oct 21, 2020, 2:51 pm

All the guidance I can find says to "provide documentation of project-specific rates" or the facility's annual average rate.  I cannot find info on what kind of documenation would be required for...

Last reply: Tiffany Beffel, Nov 2, 2020, 2:30 pm

Option 1 Path 2- What's Been Your Experience?

NC-v4 EQc4: Indoor air quality assessment
posted by Cynthia Kaplan on Oct 27, 2020, 3:54 pm

Hi all,

Show of hands for those that have used Option 1, Path 2, post occupancy flush out:

Do you provide trending data for both phases, or just the preliminary phase?

Do you...

Last reply: Russ Pellegrino, Oct 28, 2020, 11:54 am

Legal Sources and Responsible Sources

Pilot-Credits MRpc102: Legal Wood
posted by Jonathan Burgess on Oct 22, 2020, 4:01 pm

I'm trying to pursue this Pilot Credit and see that it has to be...

Labs ramping up for v4.1?

NC-v4.1 EQc4: Indoor air quality assessment
posted by Erica Downs on Oct 22, 2020, 12:57 pm

I'm hearing from a potential EHS contractor that the testing labs are having a hard time ramping up to meet the testing requirements of v4.1, and the testing is going to be quite expensive.  It...

Last reply: Erica Downs, Oct 22, 2020, 2:41 pm

Can California Projects utilize LI #10480 for LEED V4.1?

NC-v4.1 EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
posted by Amanda Khury on Oct 12, 2020, 2:19 pm

LEED V.4 allowed Califoria projects to submit Title 24-2016 documentation to comply with EAP2 and EAC1 by using LI #10480. Can we still use this interpretation for LEED V4.1 projects? Will there...

Last reply: Marcus Sheffer, Oct 16, 2020, 12:50 pm

Are VOC Budgets standard practice?

NC-v4 EQc2: Low emitting materials
posted by Rick Farrell on Sep 6, 2018, 3:35 pm

As a commercial "...

Last reply: Chyanne Husar, Oct 15, 2020, 3:18 pm