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Additional Interior Lighting Power

CS-v4 EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
posted by Ricardo Sá on Nov 22, 2016, 9:21 am

Hi all,

I'm currently working in a project of shopping mall (common areas + tenant areas) pursuing LEED certification (Core&Shell). In tenant areas, a relevant part of the total...

Last reply: Marcus Sheffer, Jan 23, 2024, 6:02 pm

Armstrong Ultima, Optima and Prelude XL

NC-v4.1 MRc4: Material Ingredients
posted by Cam Burkacki on Nov 1, 2023, 12:52 pm

Hi all,

Looking for some help finding Material Ingredients Option 2 documentation for the following products:

  • Armstrong Ultima
  • Armstrong Optima
  • Armstrong...

Last reply: Cam Burkacki, Jan 23, 2024, 10:30 am

Material Quantity Input into EC3

Pilot-Credits MRpc132: Procurement of Low Carbon Construction Materials
posted by Kelli Kimura on Jan 19, 2024, 8:44 pm

Hi all,

We are curious how folks are gathering their material quantities per the pilot credit language "Material quantities shall reflect the final as-built project and be consistently...

Air Test Sampling Point Location

NC-v4.1 EQc4: Indoor air quality assessment
posted by Noriko Nagazumi on Jan 18, 2024, 11:48 pm


The reference guide states that the testing must include all occupied spaces....

Last reply: Russ Pellegrino, Jan 19, 2024, 9:14 am

Our project needs some clarification regarding Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance Calculator.

CI-v4 EQp1: Minimum indoor air quality performance
posted by Nagaraj Sankar on Sep 19, 2023, 4:47 am

One of my LEED v4 ID+C project getting below comments from LEED reviewer for Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance Calculator (Project having...

Last reply: Dave Hubka, Jan 19, 2024, 7:48 am

Using Existing LEED certified Parking for EV Charger Installation in New Project

NC-v4 LTc8: Green vehicles
posted by sompoche sirichote on Jan 16, 2024, 9:51 am

We have a two-phase project: Phase 1 and Phase 2.

  • Phase 1 was built and completed many years ago, and it earned LEED certification.
  • Phase 2...

Last reply: Emily Purcell, Jan 18, 2024, 4:05 pm

Entryway system for little occupied areas without access to the rest of the building

NC-v4 EQc1: Enhanced indoor air quality strategies
posted by Paola Moschini on Jan 18, 2024, 4:29 am

Dear all,

we have a warehouse building with a break area for truck drivers, it's made up of break space and toilets, has...

Last reply: Dave Hubka, Jan 18, 2024, 8:01 am

CO2e lb/mile per transport or per person

EBOM-v4.1 LTp1: Transportation Performance
posted by Jorge Lopez de Obeso on Jun 21, 2023, 11:55 am

Good Day!
We are unsure if the CO2 lb/mile values shown in Table 2  "Commuting transportation modes" of the LEED O+M...

Last reply: Yusuf Turab, Jan 18, 2024, 2:31 am

2 Questions on Documentation

NC-v4.1 MRc3: Sourcing of Raw Materials
posted by Stephan Zweig on Sep 25, 2023, 8:39 am

Dear Leed Users,

I have following questions concerning the documentation of this credit

  1. Is it necessary to upload invoices for the products  that take part in the BPDO...

Last reply: Allison Para, Jan 17, 2024, 1:57 pm

Cumulative Points

Pilot-Credits WEpc115: Whole Project Water Use Reduction
posted by Catarina Costa Goncalves on Dec 6, 2023, 9:41 am

following documentation: Whole Project Water Use Reduction calculator, pilot credit registration confirmation, feedback survey, and evidence of participation on the LEEDuser forum to discuss our experience...

Last reply: Dave Hubka, Jan 17, 2024, 7:42 am