I have a project in Japan that may use this pilot credit. But I need more clarification and information in the credit requirements:

i) What U.S. standard and which part of it do we need to show international equivalent standard (or plan?) more stringent?
The city where my project site exists has mitigation plan that shows probability of hazards, risks, pre- and post- disaster mitigation plan and so on. It looks sufficient enough for finding the potential hazard at the site, but how can I show it's "more stringent" than the "U.S. Standard"?

> International projects may use the U.S. standard or a local equivalent, whichever is more stringent.

I searched the websites and found states and communities have own "mitigation plans". I saw several plans and found they are based on FEMA guideline. Should I refer State Mitigation Plan Review Guide, Local Mitigation Plan Review Guide or anything else as "the U.S. Standard"?

The prerequisite part of this pilot credit is about finding potential high risks associated with natural hazards before climate change, and climate change is described as "issue to consider".
So I think not whole of the Mitigation Plan Review Guides or other "U.S. Standard" have to be reffered. But which parts should I extract?

ii) How can I obtain the necessary forms for Option 2?
I cannot register to the American Red Cross technically.
Creating Red Cross account needs US address and my company exists outside the US. I need to study the form to proceed for this credit. Can I see the content in other ways?