Hello LEEDusers!

I have a residential condo project which includes commercial/retail units in the first 3 floors of the building and then residential condo units for the remaining 10 storeys. The commercial/retail units are not being fit out under this project so they will remain as core & shell space. Since the majority of the building is being fit-out we are submitting under LEED v4 BD+C for New Construction.

We are struggling with what the Thermal Comfort Control requirements would be in the shell spaces (note that Thermal Comfort credit is not eligible under Core & Shell projects). If we target the Thermal Comfort credit would we just demonstrate compliance with controllability in the 'new construction' spaces (ie. suites & amenity spaces provided with thermostats) and then do nothing for the 'core & shell' spaces (commercial/retail shell spaces provided with a thermostat but there are not individual or multi-occupant spaces there as it is shell space).

Would that meet the requirements of the credit? Any advice?