Hi all,
According to LEED Canada NC 1.0, we as the CxA are to complete a schematic design review and a construction document review, which the reference guide states as something along these lines: '...evidence of the design review and construction documents review must be fully documented in a written report in order to verify that each commissioned system or assembly meets the owner’s project requirements relative to functionality, energy performance, water performance, maintainability, sustainability, system cost, indoor environmental quality and local environmental impacts.'
To me the schematic review is sounds very similar to the Basis of Design Review, can anyone tell me how these differ?
We submitted a report stating that we had reviewed the Issued for Tender documents (prior to tender, and tender ended up being 9 months away) and had no comments, which is not acceptable to the reviewer for a schematic review. I am wondering if we could submit the Basis of Design Review from EAp1, because it describes in point by point detail how the schematic designs met the Owner's requirements.
I see that the schematic review does not seem to be a part of the US LEED system, but I'd really appreciate any ideas or assistance.
Thank you,