we are attempting to assess whether or not to register for the Resilience pilot credits. From what we can see of the requirements, our project (and the upfront work already completed) will meet the necessary compliance.
My question is - BEFORE we commit to actually pursuing this credit (and assigning the resources to complete it), is there any way we can view all the documents/templates/surveys that are required?
For instance - we downloaded the Climate Resilience Screening Tool and I am mystified as to how to use it, or even if it is something that needs to be submitted.
In the same way, before we recommend to our client to pursue this pilot credit, is there a list of "stuff" that the client has to perform/provide, so we are not caught by surprise, going down this road later on?
The credit language is fairly detailed, but we have all had the experience of discovering a whole different set of requirements in the actual credit form, than what the credit language alludes to.
Thanks for any help/guidance you may have for us.