We just opened a new building ...over 100, 000 sqft! According to the Score Card, we are a solid "Gold" but we have enough for "Platinum" (NC V2.2)! Can the CxA (Enhanced) create and provide the following documents & policies outlined in the LEED-EBOM reference?
* Building Exterior and Hardscape Management Plan
* Landscape & Erosion / Sedimentation Plan
* Building Operating Plan
* Preventative Maintenance Plan/Log
* Materials Purchasing Policy (+ Solid Waste Management)
* Green Cleaning
* Integrated Pest Management (Interior and Exterior)
Suggested work-flow during the next 12 months of occupancy would entail the following:
* Policies & Plans above
* Ongoing Cx Plan (continuation and M&V post-Enhanced Cx)
* Energy Star data entry
* Checklist and action plan for certification/Federal Guiding Principles
The goal is to certify the building in LEED EBOM!