We have a large open plan cafeteria with three different ceiling heights that define 3 daylit zones. Each zone is divided into occupiable areas by furniture and millwork however the "rooms" defined are not enclosed and are equally impacted by the daylight provided by the envelope glazing. Instead of inputting square footage of each occupiable area, I am defining the occupiable areas within this open plan by zone, so there are 3 occupiable areas total within the open plan.

Each of these three areas meet the requirements for daylighting. Surrounding the perimeter of the open plan are fast food portals. The service area where a customer orders is open to the daylit open plan, however, the kitchens behind each portal are not open to the daylight. If I break the open plan into 3 zones, that only looks like 3 rooms on the calculator, but it is the majority of the building (and is the space occupied by the majority of the building occupants). Adding the kitchens (which may each have 1 person working full-time), which are rated as commercial kitchen spaces requiring fire separation that do not meet the daylighting requirements will make the 75% of occupiable spaces requirement inachievable - even though the majority of the building is daylit. Can the kitchens be eliminated from the calculation on the basis of code required fire separation?