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Option 2

Perimeter Measurements (Option 2)

Use a scaled site plan to show the project boundary and the location of all illumination measurement points around the boundary. Maintain records of measurement protocols and data points.

Perimeter Measurements (Option 2)

While a report is not required, this template can help ensure you include all required information for Option 2 in your submittal. The report template summarizes key measurement protocols, includes a scaled site plan example, and provides space for measurement results.

Site Plan – 50% Parking Spaces Under Cover

This site plan from a LEED project shows SSc7.1 compliance, with 50% of parking spaces located under cover.

Building Assessment Checklist

If pursuing Option 2, use this checklist as a quick way to assess how well the core-and-shell building complies with the Path 1–12 requirements.

Narrative – No Water Use

Use a narrative like one of these to demonstrate no potable water use for irrigation, or no irrigation.

Prescriptive Compliance

To use the prescriptive compliance path, follow a process like the one in this example, which achieves the credit using a combination of side and top lighting.

Exterior Fixture Shielding

Demonstrate compliance through outdoor fixture shielding as documented through manufacturer cutsheets.